A big warm welcome to the Ben The Illustrator Store! It is here that you will find a range of art prints, handmade patterned fabric bags, cushions, calendars, and cards all designed by us, Ben & Fi, a husband and wife design duo based in Frome, Somerset.

We’re completely inspired by life, the world, nature and travel, we like to say our style is ‘Life, Amplified’.

'B-GOODS' is our range of patterned products. Our current range of fabric and fabric products are all made with an unadulterated use of colour and charged with positivity. We design and hand-make each bag and cushion in our Somerset studio. Our fabric is printed in the UK.

TWISTED FIFTIES is our range of 50's inspired art prints and products. A collection of illustrated items that mix the tongue-in-cheek with vintage chic.

"This collection by Ben The Illustrator is full of get-happy colour schemes straight out of the Eisenhower Era. Only on closer inspection can you appreciate the meaning of the series’ title. Retro-clad Stepford wives with trophy smiles are placed in curious, cheeky and often dark settings and situations. Sugarcoated nostalgia this is not; rather, these are pointed parody pieces that strip the saccharine from the perceptions of the past" Fab Europe.

FLUID ANIMALS is a stunning collection of nature-inspired illustrations, capturing it's organic and fluid shapes. In this range you will find calendars and cards.

To see more of Ben's illustration work check out his portfolio site BenTheIllustrator.com.

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