A4 David Bowie Art Print

This print is being sold for a limited period only, for the full story please read on...

My wonderful dad passed away this week. He was a brilliant man; calm, clever, funny and always supportive. Dad had Multiple Sclerosis which left him severely disabled, restricted to a wheelchair, in recent years he also suffered 2 major heart attacks and countless infections and illnesses. None of this was lifestyle related, he lead a positive, healthy life, I think the only thing he really cared about was having a happy family. Every time he ended up back in hospital he showed everyone his will to fight, to recover and to get back to the home he loved with my Mum. This week, at the grand age of 70 he passed away peacefully at home watching an old British film and still holding his cup of tea.

Due to his disabilities he wasn't able to get life insurance, and having been forced to retire when he was 50, Mum and Dad were never able to put much money away. I'd like to sell this print in order to raise some money to go towards Dad's funeral. Funerals are expensive, and we're not entirely sure how we can cover the costs, but hopefully we can connect with some fellow Bowie fans and raise some funds. My Dad was a huge Bowie fan from day one, he took my Mum to see him at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1973, he bought every record, from Space Oddity to Blackstar, David Bowie was Dad's favourite.

If you are able to support us at this time, or you just want to bring a bit of Bowie into your home, then please do order yourself one of these A4 prints. AI will aim to ship all orders in the first week of September

Thank you,

Ben x

Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)

Printed on 300gsm white recycled board
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